Serge V. Monros: CEO, Chairman, Founder

Prior to joining SaviCorp in August 2004, Mr. Monros held several esteemed positions including Chief Technology Officer for Integrated Micro Systems Company headquartered in Vista, CA. Mr. Monros directed all phases of research & development projects from prototype design to final production.

Monros' tenure includes his role as a Senior Systems Analyst for Rockwell International's Space Transportation Systems (STS) Division located in Downey, CA. As a Senior Systems Analyst, he designed and manufactured special tooling for the Space Shuttle program, produced mechanical designs/drawings, communicated project scope/details to production teams, supervised all CNC programmers, processed change orders/revisions, and resolved various production engineering problems.

Mr. Monros is noted for his expertise in the development of technical strategies and solutions, engineering design, CAD/CAM, NC and computer programming, database management, troubleshooting/repair, network management, and technical support. Mr. Monros has also taught career training courses in Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM).

Mr. Monros-a recognized leader and innovative professional, has over 30 years of experience and continued success as an Engineer, Computer Systems Analyst, and Project Manager. Mr. Monros holds a large number of patents that are currently registered, filed, or pending with worldwide market potential.

Mr. Monros has a diverse educational background with an emphasis in Electronics, Computer Science, Programming and Robotics from the following colleges: Huntington Beach, CA, Southern California Regional College, Torrance, CA, and McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Rudy Rodriguez: Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Rodriguez is responsible for overseeing corporate operations, supply chain management, procurement, vendor management, lean manufacturing, capital asset management, and sourcing of both raw materials and finished goods.

Prior to joining SaviCorp in August 2004, Mr. Rodriguez held several esteemed positions at American Range located in Pacoima, CA. Mr. Rodriguez directed and oversaw the entire supply chain function, developing policies and high level objectives related to the manufacturing of commercial and residential applicances. Responsibilities included, but were not limited to, the timely fulfillment of finished goods, services and asset mangement. Mr. Rodriguez led the operations staff in a variety of supply chain concepts, practices, and procedures.

Mr. Rodriguez' prior management position was working for Wilbur Curtis Company located in Los Angeles, Calfornia, where he was responsible for the procurement of all goods and services from suppliers.

Phil Scott: Financial Advisor

Mr. Scott has twenty years of financial, valuation, corporate advisory, merger and acquisition and restructuring experience. In addition to his research and valuation work, he currently serves as the interim CFO for two public companies.

Mr. Scott is a Chartered Financial Analyst designee. Mr. Scott has also served as the CFO for SurgiCare, Inc., PSX, Inc. and The Camden Group and has led these companies through successful restructuring and equity sales. Mr. Scott has also served as Vice President of Development for Health Care Partners, Ltd. and Heritage Provider Network, Inc., completing numerous acquisitions. He has an MBA (Summa Cum Laude) from the University of San Diego and a BS Degree in Chemical Engineering from California Institute of Technology.

Edwin Martinez: Director, Information Technology

Edwin Martinez is the company's Director of Information Technology ("IT"). Currently, this responsibility includes the optimization of the company's overall systems infrastructure, which includes: existing hardware and software, networking systems, information management, communications systems, network and systems security, cloud-based and virtualization initiatives, consolidation of common technology services, centralization of IT, and the establishment of IT best-business-practices and standards. He leads the development of information technology strategies including the ability to scale efficiently in a fashion that supports SaviCorp's mission goals and objectives.

Previously, Mr. Martinez has served at IT Director for Gateway Educational Products (makers of "Hooked on Phonics"), CIO (Chief Information Officer) for Micro Optics Design Corporation, and CIO at Donner Corp, an investment banking firm. Presently, Mr. Martinez owns and operates his own consulting firm where he has provided services to several notable clients such as Miramax Films, Kjam Media, Legit & Platt (manufacturer of all adjustable frame beds), and MicroMedia Filtration (environmental wasterwater treatment system manufacturer).

Mr. Martinez earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science at the University of Phoenix, and a Bachelors of Science degree in Communications at Bedford University.

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