SaviCorp® Product Family to Reap New Opportunities from Emission Reduction Treaty Between United States and China - Wednesday, November 19, 2014

New pollution control standards call for widespread implementation of emission reduction technologies, like those offered by SaviCorp’s DynoValve® products

SaviCorp® Product Family to Reap New Opportunities from Emission Reduction Treaty Between United States and China

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

SANTA ANA, Calif. – With the recent signing of a new and ambitious emission reduction treaty by the United States and China, the world’s two largest producers of carbon dioxide, SaviCorp® (PINKSHEETS: SVMI) is looking ahead at the benefit that this agreement will have on its family of DynoValve® products.

The treaty, which was signed byU.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing, opens the doors for all types of emission reduction products and implementations,including those in the automotive sector. The agreement also proposes enhanced trade opportunities, including an abolishment of existing tariffs on items such as semiconductors and other information-technology products, estimated to spur nearly one trillion dollars in trade revenue.

As a result of the pact, the United States is expected to cut its emissions by at least 26 percent over the next decade, while President Xi Jinping agreed to cap China’s emissions by 2030, aiming to convert a fifth of its total energy to renewable and nuclear energies. The goals set down by both nations will act as a blueprint for upcoming climate talks involving more than 140 countries in Paris next year.

SaviCorp’s family of DynoValve products stands poised to capitalize tremendously from the agreement between the United States and China, chiefly thanks to its recent and prolific partnership with Beijing Flying Glob Environmental Technology Limited Company.With an initial distribution agreement of 50,000 DynoValve® units through 2014and another 5.5 million units slated to be distributed over the next four years, implementation and demand for SaviCorp’s flagship product will see substantial increases as China seeks to corral its emissions per the outline of the treaty.

Delivery, installation, and (EPA equivalent) testing of the DynoValve is already underway in China, with the product’s 6.04 percent fuel economy increase being duly recognized.  SaviCorp anticipates exceptional results for reduction in automotive emissions with DynoValve in place, with quantified results to come in December or January, when SaviCorp executives will travel to China.

“Our outlook in China, with the success of our DynoValve product and the recent emission reduction treaty, stands to be tremendously positive and very exciting,” said Serge Monros, President and CEO of SaviCorp. “Before the end of the year we’ll have already taken substantial steps towards realizing the widespread capabilities of our products on a grand scale and we’ll work towards scaling this model to increase our worldwide capabilities.”

The news of implementation in China also comes on the heels of SaviCorp’s recent ISO 9001:2008 accreditation,wherein the company was certified quality in its policies, practices and processes, ensuring superior production capabilities.

Next steps for SaviCorp include undergoing its EPA 511 and FTP 75 emissions testing protocols, to achieve the necessary product credentials for worldwide claims of emission reduction and environmental soundness. In particular, SaviCorp hopes to bolster its standing in the United Arab Emirates, where these accreditations will help to promote the country’s mandate for lower emissions, as well as in Mexico City and Korea,with whom SaviCorp is negotiating distribution channels.

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SaviCorp® is an innovative automotive technology company that licenses, manufactures, distributes and services an array of patented technologies and products that reduce harmful emissions and improve fuel efficiency. The company, an evolution of more than twenty years of automotive engine emissions testing, materials research and development, was formed to create, support and license its patented supplementary vehicle Emissions Reduction Technologies (ERT). Using proprietary methods and processes, the company’s flagship DynoValve® system protects the environment, lessens an engine’s carbon offsets, increases gas mileage and improves engine performance, resulting in dramatic savings in both fuel and oil.

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