SaviCorp® Pursues Exemplary Product Accreditations While Solidifying Prolific Partnership Opportunities

Automotive innovator strives to set industry example through voluntary certifications

Tuesday, Feburary 18, 2014

SANTA ANA, Calif. – SaviCorp® (PINKSHEETS: SVMI) is pleased to announce that it has undertaken voluntary testing of its DynoValve® products in conjunction with the Air Resources Board (ARB) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as Con Edison, the chief energy provider to the New York metropolitan area. The company is also pursuing ISO 9001 certification.

Through the ARB, SaviCorp® has initiated testing of its DynoValve®/DynoCap products on all United States vehicle models, up to 2014, to garner quantitative data regarding the benefits of their implementation. In conjunction with these crucial tests, the company has also partnered with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to subject the DynoValve®/DynoCap to voluntary EPA 511 testing, to assist in obtaining its United Arab Emirates (UAE) mandate.

According to the EPA:

“EPA 511 Test Protocol is a collective term, used to describe two Federal Test Procedures (FTP): FTP-75 Urban Drive Trace, which measures regulated emissions and fuel efficiency in simulated city driving and Highway Fuel Economy Test (HFET), which measures regulated emissions and fuel efficiency in simulated highway driving. These tests are conducted under laboratory conditions in strict accordance with federally mandated procedures. The EPA 511 is the only test procedure recognized as valid and indisputable for aftermarket retrofit devices that claim to reduce emissions and/or increase fuel efficiency.”

Both ARB and EPA accreditations, when achieved, along with ISO 9001 certification, will open the door, giving SaviCorp® worldwide leadership credentials. With the finalization of SaviCorp®’s General Services Administration (GSA) schedule imminent, the company is primed to grow its foothold, both domestically and internationally.

Con Edison has requested further testing of DynoValve®/DynoCap products, beginning its second phase of testing. As previously mentioned, Con Edison is the main energy provider of the largely populated New York metropolitan area.

SaviCorp® is also proud to announce that its agreement with Team TSI has commenced, beginning with product testing and training. Team TSI, the system installation and product management team tasked with providing nationwide product handling and implementation of DynoValve®/DynoCap products, has undertaken staff training for proper handling and usage of the parts.

For more information regarding SaviCorp®, its impending testing and accreditations or for information about its current and future product offerings, please visit the company’s website

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SaviCorp® is an innovative automotive technology company that licenses, manufactures, distributes and services an array of patented technologies and products that reduce harmful emissions and improve fuel efficiency. The company, an evolution of more than twenty years of automotive engine emissions testing, materials research and development, was formed to create, support and license its patented supplementary vehicle Emissions Reduction Technologies (ERT). Using proprietary methods and processes, the company’s flagship DynoValve® system protects the environment, lessens an engine’s carbon offsets, increases gas mileage and improves engine performance, resulting in dramatic savings in both fuel and oil.

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