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Purchase 1 to over 1,000,000 DynoFlo 300. Choose the appropriate option/quantity to avoid a rejected order.

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SaviCorp’s DynoFlo Hydrogen systems uses the industry’s leading hydrogen generator technology for the transportation industry. The DynoFlo H2 brand is the second generation hydrogen on-demand device controlled by a computer programmed microprocessor that regulates hydrogen intake. Our hydrogen systems differ from the standard devices in the market today with unique computerized technology, traceability, and standardized certification.

DynoFlo H2’s patented process uses a computer-controlled current flow to a hydrogen generator. The generator then produces a constant, controlled stream of hydrogen to the engine’s intake stream. Hydrogen combustion is cleaner and more efficient than gasoline significantly increasing engine power and fuel efficiency under all operating conditions.

DynoFlo H2 produces and delivers hydrogen on-demand to the engine through a process known as electrolysis, using electric current to induce a chemical reaction. DynoFlo H2 uses the chemical reaction to split water (H2O) into its base atoms of hydrogen and oxygen. This process is safe and efficient, as well as environmentally friendly, as DynoFlo H2 is not using a carbon-based fuel.

Combustion of carbon fuels like gasoline creates harmful carbon emissions. Hydrogen combustion does not create carbon emissions, and by using less gasoline, your engine’s carbon footprint is reduced while you recap the benefits of increased power and improved fuel economy.

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Hydrogen on Demand
Saving the Planet, One Vehicle at a Time
DynoFlo H2 TM

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Purchase 1 to over 1,000,000 DynoFlo 300. Choose the appropriate option/quantity to avoid a rejected order.


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